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Happy Design Studio CEO Didier Wolff has found inspiration in the Airbus Corporate Jets ACJ TwoTwenty, newest member of the ACJ family, and is showing his paint scheme concept this week at EBACE 2022 while meeting with clients about upcoming projects. He has been designing luxury aircraft livery for more than a decade, ranging from business jets and airliners to helicopters. What drew him to the ACJ TwoTwenty? “Initially the shape of the aircraft,” Wolff said. “The nature of the shape all around the cockpit; I look at an aircraft from the left to the right, and the story begins on the left, finishing to the right on the tail. That’s how I read an aircraft.” Happy Design’s resulting TwoTwenty livery concept is created around four powerful diagonal black lines emanating from a black shape outlining the cockpit from the front, and resting firmly like a frame on the front curve of the aircraft’s belly fairing. “It gives all the energy to the aircraft,” he said. Wolff has discussed with Airbus Corporate Jets making his design concept available to TwoTwenty customers. “This is a starting point,” the Strasbourg, France-based artist said. “If one customer recognizes himself through my design proposal, we can adapt that to their aircraft.”