Dubai 09: Personalised design makes one man Happy

Make your aircraft stand out from the rest with the help of Happy Design Studio (stand E650).
The French company was set up by Didier Wolff eight years ago. Wolff designed surf boards until deciding a year ago to combine his creative skills with his passion for aviation. He has chosen the Dubai air show as his launching pad.
“In 1998 I learnt how to fly a single-engined aircraft, so being able to personalise and customise aircraft with my design skills is a great joy for me,” says Wolff.
“I can customise commercial airlines, private and military aircraft. The external decoration of a private jet is dependent on the owner’s desire to reveal an aspect of his personality or to impose his company’s character or image. The customer can leave the design ideas to me or have their own idea but either way I always have a good understanding with them.”
The artwork created is applied to a platform such as the fuselage, which acts as a second skin that is delicately laid to the body.
Wolff works alongside engineering company Aeroconseil, which specialises in aviation and ensures that European Aviation Safety Agency rules are applied to the engineering drawings and certification dossier.
“They then recommend a workshop which specialises in aeronautic painting to add that grand finale of the splash of colour to the design. Wherever the plane is located a number of specialised companies can be recommended in Europe, Asia, the Americas and, of course, the Middle East.
“It is very exciting for me to be here and I look forward to meeting potential customers,” says Wolff.