In addition to private jets, corporate jets and commercial aircrafts, we also create bespoke designs for military aircrafts and helicopters.

The military industry is highly regulated, but we’re proud to say that our designs have met the strictest security and compliance requirements. We believe that even in the military field, a well-designed livery can still make a bold statement and the squadron’s pride.


At Happy Design Studio, we’ve provided luxury and high-end designs for all of our clients, including military aircraft. Our team has the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life and create a one-of-a-kind livery design that meets your traditions.


Here are some of our military achievements :
– Escadron EC 1.12 CAMBRESIS Mirage 2000C Tiger Meet
– Rafale Solo Display / Rafale C / BA 113 Saint Dizier
– F16 C / Base Aérienne de Florennes / Belgique


Contact us today to learn more about our fighters exterior customizations for military aircrafts. Our goal is to deliver exceptional and visually captivating aircraft liveries that stand out from the competition.


Didier WOLFF   
Designer & Founder of Happy Design Studio