Aircraft livery design

When choosing exterior paint schemes, aircraft manufacturers and private jet owners are trapped between paradoxes :

  • 1. Differentiating themselves from their competitors yet inspiring from them.
  • 2. To seduce everyone when each client is unique.

Far from all marketing stereotypes, I will not perform any market analysis to convince you that such blue or such green has been favoured by representative aircraft owners.

Happy Design Studio creates unique aircraft liveries and guides entirely the painting process in order to ensure the exact match with the original project validated by its clients and most of all make sure that it has been painted in agreement with the aviation state of the art rules as it is not subject to any compromise.

Welcome to a world of surprises, where inspiration and creativity have generously made their home, a living place where astonishment and professionalism are united to serve clients with open mind and audacity. Looking forward to meeting with you.

Didier WOLFF   
Designer & Founder of Happy Design Studio