Design Process
Season 15

Design Process
Season 15

Design Process / Method.

1. Aircraft 3D modeling & creation of the livery

Taking Art to New Heights. Transforming an aircraft into an airborne masterpiece usually begins with meeting the client and learning more about them. Usually my customers don’t know exactly what they want, but often they are able to give me a taste. “General hints, such as ‘I don’t like red’ or ‘I want something dark’. From this initial briefing, I go to my studio with a feeling. Then, from the point I start working on idead, I ingore the brief for a while and let the aircraft speak for itself. “Every type of aircraft is unique, and the contours, angle and nuances of the structure shape my vision for the livery.

2. Renderings & Painting Plans instalation

I am using “Autodesk Maya”, or “Blender” the “Adobe Suite” is necessary, here is just an aspect of the recipe. The very accurate 3D models are sculpted by the best specialists on the world. All the models and designs created by Didier WOLFF and/or HAPPY DESIGN STUDIO have been systematically registered to the INPI data base (National Institute of Industrial Property)

3. Animations 8k

To share the final design validated by my Clients, hyperrealistic 3D loop animations are the best way to jump in the dream. They also can be used for the In-Flight-Entertainment and the aircrafts iPad.

4. Colour choice

According the specifications of the Aircraft, the paint is coming from the best paint suppliers : (by alphabetic order) AkzoNobel, Mankiewicz, PPG or Sherwin Williams. Discovering the colour samples under the Sun light is always a very nice moment, I really love it.

5. The painting slot

The method is very simple :
When the paint slot is booked, I am joining your aircraft on site to guide the overall painting process : More about the painting Guidance

Step 2. Painting Guidance

No compromise, what does it mean ?