Commercial Aircraft

Commercial Aircraft

Commercial aircraft, used for example by airlines to transport passengers around the globe, are the aircraft most present in our skies.

Representing a significant share of the market, they are therefore among the most demanding in terms of aircraft design.


While airlines focus on interior design to ensure passenger comfort and aesthetic beauty, they also place great emphasis on their aircraft’s exterior appearance. The livery, often echoing the colors of the flags of the companies that own them, can also be more extravagant, expressing a definite public message.


From large long-haul aircraft to smaller transport planes, the exterior of these aircraft can be expressed through discreet, rather neutral, visually minimalist lines, to complete designs coloring the entire fuselage, featuring drawings, calligraphy, etc…


Commercial aircraft therefore follow a precise exterior design process, which varies greatly according to the company and its needs.
Didier Wolff has produced numerous liveries for commercial aircraft, and would be delighted to talk to you. Please contact him via the contact page.


Didier WOLFF
Designer & Founder of Happy Design Studio